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Quill & Quire
“I Read Canadian Day is Ready for its Close Up” February 2020
“My Story Starts Here” January 2020
“Eric Walters initiates “I Read Canadian Day” to Promote Homegrown Authors and Illustrators” December 2019
“Kidlit Special: How Bologna Prize-Winning Comme des Geants Stands Out” October 2019
“Scallywag on the Salish Sea” October 2019
“The Story Behind Heather Smith’s Tsunami Picture-Book Story” September 2019
“An Inspiring Tale of Cathartic Grief Set Against the Backdrop of the 2011 Tohoku Tsunami” July 2019
“Two Children’s Books About the Winnipeg Strike” June 2019
“Canada’s Kidlit Publishers are Finding Success — and Challenges — in the Asian Pacific Market” May 2019
“Orange for the Sunsets” April 2019
“When First-time Illustrator Derek Desierto Met Fashion Icon Eva Chen” November 2018
“Murder at the St. Alice” October 2018
“Margie Wolfe Q&A, ‘All About Anne'” September 2018
“Q&A with Kenneth Oppel and Sydney Smith, ‘Inkling'” September 2018
“Crwth Press Saves Sono Nis Children’s Books After the Fire” July 2018
“Geneviève Godbout” (profile) June 2018
“Revisiting ‘The Landing’ with John Ibbitson, 10 Years Later” March 2018
“Nancy Vo” (profile) March 2018
“Munro vs. the Coyote” November 2017
“Kyo Maclear” (profile) October 2017
“Debbie Ridpath Ohi” (profile) June 2017
“Undiscovered Country” May 2017
“The Lotterys Plus One” March 2017
“At the Edge of the World” November 2016
“A Boy Named Queen” September 2016
“Shooter” May 2016

Canadian Children’s Book News
“Broken Strings” Fall 2019
“Making History – Q&A with Christopher Paul Curtis” Fall 2018
“Ghost Boys” Summer 2018
“The Journey of Little Charlie” Spring 2018
“When Worlds Collide: Q&A with Jason Chabot, Wesley King and Joel Sutherland” Winter 2017
“From Ant to Eagle” Fall 2017

Canscaip News
“Introducing…Robin Stevenson” Winter 2020
“Introducing…Allan Stratton” Winter 2019
“Introducing…Emil Sher” Spring 2018

Mabel’s Fables Children’s Bookstore Blog
“Meet the Latkes” November 2018
“The Hollow Under the Tree” July 2018
“The Pink Umbrella” January 2018
“Top 10 Favourite Books of 2017” December 2017
“Innovation Nation” December 2017
“A Boy Called Christmas” November 2016
“The Best Man” October 2016
“Another Me” September 2016
“Flickers” May 2016
“Listening in on…Kevin Sylvester” April 2016
“Listening in on…Sarah Dessen” January 2016
“Listening in on…Liz Kessler” January 2016
“Bounders” January 2016
“Listening in on…Rob Laidlaw” November 2015
“Listening in on…Mac Barnett” October 2015
“Orbiting Jupiter” October 2015
“The Wolf Wilder” September 2015
“Thirteen Chairs” August 2015
“The Dogs” August 2015
“The Trap” July 2015
“The Book That Proves Time Travel Happens” July 2015
“The Girl with the Glass Bird” July 2015
“Footer Davis Probably is Crazy” June 2015
“Hero” June 2015
“The Island of Dr. Libris” May 2015
“Catch You Later, Traitor” April 2015
“The Incredible Space Raiders From Space!” March 2015
“Echo” March 2015
“TombQuest: Book of the Dead” February 2015
“Story Thieves” January 2015
“Ribblestrop” November 2015
“Rooftoppers” October 2015

Toronto Magazine
“All Lit Up: Books Set in Toronto” 2018

Help! We’ve Got Kids
“School’s Out, Nonfiction’s In” June 2016
“24 Summer Reads for Kids, Tweens and Teens” May 2016
“32 Gift Books for Kids, Tweens and Teens” December 2015
“24 Must-Read Books for School-Age Children” June 2015
“6 Great Books and Series to Read Together With Your Kids” May 2015
“5 Ways to Engage Kids Who Hate Reading” April 2015
“Best New Books for Kids” November 2014
“8 Books That Empower Girls (And Are Fun To Read Too)” October 2014

The Globe and Mail
“Need an idea for March Break? 12 great kid-lit museums” February 2013
“How my lazy Scottish holiday became a white-knuckle one” December 2012

“Top 10 Books to Read Before Graduating from High School” December 2013
“10 Great Books for Kids who Don’t Like to Read” October 2013
“Top 10 Math Books for Kids” August 2013
“10 best Robert Munsch books” March 2013
“Top 10 childhood books that are still around” November 2012
“Book review: SnApp Shots” June 2012
“Book review: I’ve Got Your Number” March 2012
“Book review: Your Playlist Can Change Your Life” February 2012
“Book review: The Future of Us” January 2012
“Navigating the stream of on-demand music” December 2011
“Book review: 365 Manners Kids Should Know” November 2011
“One of a Kind Show: Top 10 geek chic goods” November 2011
“David Hockney: art meets app” October 2011
“Jet-set on a global online adventure” September 2011
“Life before e-commerce” (about Canadian Museum of Civilization exhibit) August 2011
“Book review: The Repurposed Library” June 2011
“Party like a Canadian rock star” March 2011
“Top 10 art museums online” January 2011
“$#*! My Dad Says: Twitter phenom hits primetime” September 2010
“Top 10 books for kids and teens 2011” November 2011
“Not-for-parents travel series” November 2011

“Best baby gear” May 2011
“Top Father’s Day gifts” June 2011
“10 books to keep up kids’ reading skills” July 2011
As editor of the parenting site, I wrote a weekly blog and several articles per month. A selection of entertainment-related content:
“A head start in art” (round up of art books) March 2011
“Water works” (about ROM’s Water exhibit) March 2011
“Every time we say goodbye” (review of Jamie Zeppa’s novel) March 2011
“Animal magnetism” (round up of animal books) January 2011
“Must read” (review of Incendiary by Chris Cleave) January 2011
“Unplugged play” (book review) October 2010
“Sesame Street turns 40” November 2009
“Picture perfect” (about Edward Steichen and Vanity Fair Portraits) September 2009
“Art for art’s sake” July 2009
“Life on display” (about ROM’s Schad Gallery of Biodiversity) May 2009

Vu magazine
As a contributor (July 2001 to October 2006), I wrote Canuck Notes, a monthly column about the latest productions in Canada (which terminated December 2005), and continued to write feature stories until the magazine folded.
“Scream gems” October 2006
“Quizzical Canucks” July 2006
“Globe trotting” June 2006
“Death becomes them” May 2006
“Duct tape diaries” March 2006
“Making a Mochrie of everything” January 2006
“Retro vision” November 2005
“Into the fall” September 2005
“And that’s the kind of life it’s been” (profile of Lloyd Roberston)  July 2005
“Great escapes” July 2005
“How the west was won” June 2005
“Mr. Clark goes to Washington” (profile of Tom Clark) February 2005
“Saint Sophia” (profile of Sophia Loren/Lives of the Saints) January 2005
“Gross national product” (profile of Paul Gross) November 2004
“Northern Exposure” September 2004
“The accidental actress” (profile of Annabella Piugattuk) August 2004
“Dog days of summer” July 2004
“That’s entertainment” May 2004
“Take me to your leader” April 2004
“All the news that’s fit to mock” (profile of Jon Stewart) March 2004
“Second chance” February 2004
“Canadians make ’em laugh” February 2004
“Love on the rocks” February 2004
“King James” (profile of Monster Garage host Jesse James) January 2004
“Mission possible” (profile of Rick Mercer and his trip to Afghanistan) December 2003
“Fall haul” September 2003
“Northern exposure” June 2003
“Trust, talent…and really good timing” (profile of Peter Mansbridge) May 2003
“Shania heads home” Co-written. April 2003
“100 days in the jungle” December 2002
“The wizardry of Oz” September 2002
“Forensic fix” July 2002
“The tween scene” June 2002
“There’s no business like the décor business” May 2002
“Digital dynamite” October 2001
“The 2001 TV season” September 2001

Pursuit/Definiti magazine
“Sonic Boom” Profile of Measha Brueggergosman. November 2003
“Violin femme” Profile of Lara St. John. September 2003
“The games people play” Spring 2003
“Cook where” Fall 2002
“Outside interests” Summer 2002
“Bowled over” Spring 2002
“Meet markets” Winter 2001

Direct magazine
“King Lear with a twist” June 2002

The New York Times
“Toronto show recalls couture of the 1950s” January 19, 2003
“Montreal showcases Inuit art and artifacts” August 5, 2001
“Celebrating wine in art and history” June 24, 2001
“Hitchcock meets Dali, Rodin and Munch” November 12, 2000
“At Ontario museum, the idea is ‘do touch’” August 1, 1999

TV Guide Canada
While working for TV Guide, I also wrote several columns about children’s television. Freelance articles include:
“For better and better” September 9, 2000
“Symphony street” July 22, 2000
“Garb of the gurus” July 15, 2000
“Elmo’s alter ego” June 3, 2000

Time Out New York
“Music for Macs” July 10, 1996

Washington Square News
“TV tries to cash in on the interactive craze” May 3, 1996
“Frank Whaley on why he’s still not a movie star” April 5, 1996

Canadian Living
“Fix it in five: cluttered kids’ rooms” April 2013
“12 doors of Christmas” December 2012
“Chic in teak” October 2012

3 kitchen looks to love March 2012

Style at Home magazine
“Style destination: Glasgow” June 2013
“Trending now” January 2012
“Shops etc: Old Village of Mont-Tremblant” January 2011
“Shimmer & glow” December 2010
“Picture perfect” November 2010
“Cuisine art” September 2010
“Cool tween hangout” May 2010
“Great whites” September 2009
“The well-considered kitchen” September 2009
“Naturally inspired” June 2009
“Fresh start” May 2009
“Accessorize with striking sophistication” February 2009
“Lakeside living” August 2008
“Going up” July 2008
“Miniature work of art” March 2008
“Comfort is…Formal elegance (really!)” February 2008
“Lean cuisine” January 2008
“Good tidings & cheer” November 2007
“Classic comfort” September 2007
“Fit for a king” June 2007
“Timeless appeal” Kitchen & Bath Spring 2007
“Personal bests” October 2006
“Design recipes” September 2006
“Are you a domestic goddess?” June 2006
“Floor show” April 2006
“Designers’ challenge” February 2006
“Boutique chic” January 2006
“Keep it simple” October 2005
“Designer TV” October 2004
“Living well” Special issue 2004

Style at
“How to throw a fabulous dinner party on a tight budget” June 2009
“8 new bathroom products” February 2009
“Décor trends 2009” January 2009
“Kitchen confidential: 2009 kitchen trends” January 2009
“Movin’ on up” July 2008
“Buying guide: Chaise longue” June 2007
“8 great kitchen gadgets” December 2006
“Kitchen basics” December 2006
“Easy entertaining with Trish Magwood” December 2006
“A conversation with chef Michael Smith” December 2006
“Hotel style: Inn on the Lake” November 2006
“Hotel style: Inn at the Forks” November 2006
“Hotel style: Hotel Saskatchewan” October 2006
“Hotel style: SoHo Metropolitan Hotel” October 2006
“Home office décor: 10 creative alternatives” September 2006
“Awesome online shopping” April 2006
“Makeover madness” March 2006
“Decorating on a dime” February 2006
“10 ways to make your room more functional” January 2006
“Poolside perfection” May 2004
“Top 10 ways to bring summer into your home” April 2004
“Colour wonderful” January 2004
“Winning wines” December 2003
“Treat your windows right” July 2003
“A beautiful bathroom retreat” July 2003

Canadian Home and
“How to buy antiques and collectibles as gifts” December 2008
“Quiz: What type of collector are you?” November 2008
“Wallpaper on a whim” November 2002
“Dress your walls in style” October 2002
“Achieve the perfect lighting” October 2002
“Paint with ease” September 2002
“Choose flooring” August 2002
“HGTV Canada’s Designer Guys” July 2002
“Getting garden-ready” June 2002
“Debbie Travis: Painted lady” March 2002
“Shopping for antiques” February 2002
“Beat the winter blues with paint” January 2002
“Wallpaper 101” March 2001
“Lighting 101” March 2001
“Painting 101” March 2001
“Wall coverings 101” March 2001
“Flooring 101” March 2001

Canadian Living magazine
“Just Been Diagnosed: Psoriasis” May 2012
“Just Been Diagnosed: Herniated Disc” October 2011
“Just been Diagnosed: Sleep Apnea” September 2011
“Just Been Diagnosed: GERD” July 2011
“Just Been Diagnosed: Celiac Disease” May 2011
“Just Been Diagnosed: Osteoarthritis” March 2011

“5 surprising stress symptoms” September 2013
“Air quality alert: 6 summer hot spots” May 2013
“Top 5 germ hot spots in your home” April 2013
“Eat your vitamins: 10 foods to add to your diet to get your daily dose” November 2012
“Learn how to decode a nutrition facts label” February 2009
“Quiz: Is your baby eating right?” December 2006
“Seven steps to good gynecological health” February 2006
“Five team sports women love” February 2006
“Exercise for heart health” January 2006
“Run, baby run: Time to get physical” April 2012
“6 get-fit gadgets for kids” February 2012
“Hard habit to break” March 2011
As a contributor (January 2007-May 2011), I wrote a monthly health news column.
“Health news: Mom was right: Eat your broccoli to prevent cancer” May 2011
“Health news: Nutrition news roundup: 5 ways to eat better now” March 2011
“Health news: 3 best ways to stop emotional eating: January 2011
“Health news: A cleaner kitchen: Bacteria breeding grounds exposed!” December 2010
“Health news: 2010’s best breast cancer discoveries” October 2010
“Health news: Weight loss study says sleep can make you slimmer” September 2010
“Health news: Why nature and exercise is the perfect pairing” August 2010
“Health news: Food poisoning prevention tips” July 2010
“Health news: Canada’s attack on salt” June 2010
“Health news: Why hepatitis A is a lurking health hazard” April 2010
“Health news: Ambulatory care: The hottest trend in health care” March 2010
“Health news: Medical breakthroughs in women’s sexual health” February 2010
“Health news: Women’s gene’s and heritage reveal cancer risk” January 2010
“Health news: Top 10 health headlines of 2009” December 2009
“Health news: Fish fends off macular degeneration” November 2009
“Health news: Blood pressure drug blocks breast cancer gene” October 2009
“Health news: The latest breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s research” September 2009
“Health news: How to stop overeating” August 2009
“Health news: A breakthrough in incontinence treatment” July 2009
“Health news: Healthy living according to the season” June 2009
“Health news: Orthorexia: are you addicted to healthy eating?” May 2009
“What you need to know about swine flu” May 2009
“Health news: Why some women can’t control their appetites” April 2009
“Health news: Exercise makes you smarter” March 2009
“Health news: Bed bug infestations on the rise” February 2009
“Health news: Boost your memory with vitamin B” January 2009
“Health news: Caution! Winter sports injuries ahead” November 2008
“Health news: 5 new breast cancer findings” October 2008
“Health news: What women don’t know about high blood pressure” September 2008
“Health news: The dangers of not taking medications as prescribed” August 2008
“Health news: Myths about how much water you should drink” July 2008
“Music therapy for your mood and mind” July 2008
“Health news: Scalp and neck skin cancers are deadliest” June 2008
“Health news: How climate change endangers your health” May 2008
“Health news: Dangerous drinking bottles?” April 2008
“Health news: Calgary cracks down on trans fats” March 2008
“Health news: Seasonal Affective Disorder treatments explored” February 2008
“Health news: One in four Canadians are sleep deprived” January 2008
“Health news: Chocolate delivers an addictive high” December 2007
“Health news: What your home address reveals about your diabetes risk” November 2007
“Health news: Are you at risk of getting diabetes?” October 2007
“Health news: Arthritis – pain relief, treatment and more” September 2007
“Health news: New guidelines for Alzheimer’s diagnosis” August 2007
“Health news: 6 symptoms of ovarian cancer” July 2007
“Health news: Lift weights for a younger you” June 2007
“Health news: Don’t let your makeup make you sick” May 2007
“Health news: Allergies and pollen watch” April 2007
“Health news: Vitamin D battles breast and colorectal cancers” March 2007
“Health news: Your travel health checkup” February 2007
“10 most romantic movie couples” February 2007
“Health news: Carb control gains support” January 2007
“Quiz: How much do you know about breast cancer?” October 2006
“Quiz: Stress less” August 2006
“Quiz: Are you blackout wise?” July 2006
“Quiz: Test your food safety smarts” July 2006
“Quiz: How sun safe are you?” June 2006
“Eat your veggies — stave off stroke” March 2006
“Health mistakes women make at midlife” March 2006
“A dietitian’s advice for quitting smoking without packing on the pounds” January 2006
“7 roadblocks to weight loss success” January 2006

“Head Aid: Headache? These alternative therapies may provide relief” April 2009
“When music is medicine” Summer 2008
“Brighter, whiter teeth” June 2003
“The bare necessities” May 2003
“Heads up!” April 2003

“8 kids craft projects out of household items” January 2013
“How to press flowers and turn them into a paper card craft” August 2012
“Decorate a birdhouse with your kids” March 2007
“Personalized Valentine’s gift wrap” February 2007
“Create custom matting for your photos” January 2007
“Make this stylish apron in five steps” December 2006
“Make a gelt bag for Hanukkah” December 2006
“Colour me scared” October 2006
“Magnetic memories” August 2006
“Beach bag baby” July 2006
“Papa’s got a brand new disc” June 2006
“Rock out for Mother’s Day” May 2006
“Baby love” March 2006
“No-sew Valentine’s throw” February 2006
“Personalized datebook” January 2006
“Party napkins” December 2005
“A mochalicious gift basket” November 2005
“Spooky Halloween invitations” October 2005

Today’s Parent Online
“Valentine’s Day cards you and your kids can make” January 2012
“Cute Valentine’s Day charm bracelet craft” January 2012
“Personalized teacher’s gift” June 2012
“Last-minute homemade Halloween costumes” October 2011
“Have a hoot this Halloween!” October 2011
“Make a match” July 2011
“Easter boxes” April 2011
“5 DIY wedding projects” March 2011
“Stuffed with fun” March 2011
“Setting the holiday scene” November 2010
“Eggs-travagant Easter basket” April 2011
“Storm the castle!” March 2011
“Make a diaper cake” May 2010
“DIY pregnancy journal” February 2010
“Make a baby blanket” November 2009

Canadian Home and
“Picture perfect plates” December 2008
“Turn a collectible into a desk lamp” October 2008
“Organize your family with a scrollwork message centre” September 2008

Microsoft Home Magazine
As the craft columnist for MHM, I wrote a bi-monthly how-to article about digital crafting.
“A pretty purse for your pretty princess” October 2008
“DIY T-shirts” July 2008
“Create an easy monthly memories journal” May 2008
“Kid-crafted cards” February 2008
“Card it: Give greetings a personal photo touch” November 2007
“Give your photos some comic book kapow!” October 2007
“Toast the new year with stylish glassware” November 2005
“Time to make a decorative clock” November 2005
“Frame it! Transform digital photos into artwork” July 2005

Parents magazine
“Cool photo crafts” November 2007

Homemakers magazine
“Sew and go” June 2007

“Decorate a birdhouse with your kids” March 2007
“Personalized Valentine’s gift wrap” February 2007
“Create custom matting for your photos” January 2007
“Make this stylish apron in five steps” December 2006
“Make a gelt bag for Hanukkah” December 2006
“Colour me scared” October 2006
“Magnetic memories” August 2006
“Beach bag baby” July 2006
“Papa’s got a brand new disc” June 2006
“Rock out for Mother’s Day” May 2006
“Baby love” March 2006
“No-sew Valentine’s throw” February 2006
“Personalized datebook” January 2006
“Party napkins” December 2005
“A mochalicious gift basket” November 2005
“Spooky Halloween invitations” October 2005

Style at
“Stylish stationery” September 2006
“Invitations, place cards and menus” November 2005
“Imprints of fall” September 2005
“Prints charming” October 2005

Style at Home magazine
“Desktop design” September 2006
“Point, click, decorate!”  July 2005

As creative director of the women’s technology site, I have been writing a weekly article since July 2010. Recent articles include:
“Oh baby: technology for the wee set” February 2012
“London calling: 2012 Olympic Summer Games” May 2012
“Five faves for Father’s Day” May 2012
“Green gadgets for Mother’s Day 2012” April 2012
“Run for it: goods and guides to get you moving” April 2012
“All the news that’s fit for kids” March 2012
“Top 6 fashion blogs” February 2012
“Discover your family tree” January 2012
“Good to go: 6 picks for the techy traveller” December 2011
“Good golly, they’re jolly” (about winter-break activities) December 2011
“Navigating the stream of on-demand music” December 2011
“Top holiday gift picks for tweens and tweens” November 2011
“Top holiday tech toys for kids” November 2011
“One of a Kind Show: Top 10 geek chic goods” November 2011
“How to create a ringtone in iTunes” October 2011
“Which camera is right for you?” May 2011
“How to research a family vacation online” February 2011
“Top 5 photo-editing tips” January 2011

Microsoft Home Magazine
“Wedding planning made simple” June 2008
“Scrap this! Scrapbooking goes digital” January 2008
“Help: Find PowerPoint answers” June 2006
“Help: Find Encarta answers” April 2006
“Help: Find digital photo answers for Windows XP” January 2006
“Help: Find Digital Image Suite answers” January 2006
“Dress up your hearth with a few bright ideas” November 2005
“Think outside the photo box” November 2005
“Serve up some artwork on pretty plates” November 2005
“Make your own holiday CD” November 2004
“Winter welcome: Set a sensational holiday table” November 2004
“Compile your own summer song CD” July 2004
“Protect your skin from the sun” July 2004
“Celebrate Canada Day with a backyard bash” July 2004
“Get away with your girlfriends!” May 2004
“Find décor advice online” April 2004
“Redo a room with online renovation help” March 2004
“Relax! Enjoy spa treatments at home” February 2004
“Start a dinner party club” January 2004
“Get the party started with karaoke” December 2003
“Planning for your pregnancy” November 2003
“Unearth vintage clothing treasures online” November 2003
“Hit the slopes! Book a ski trip online” October 2003
“Make yourself over online” September 2003
“Pick your paint colour – with your computer” September 2003
“Get involved! Become a virtual volunteer” August 2003
“The ABCs of antiquing” July 2003
“Debbie Travis’ take on technology” June 2003
“Choose the right digital camera for your family” May 2003
“Family room reno tips from Debbie Travis” May 2003
“Spring clean your computer” April 2003
“Oscar party primer – how to host a winning bash” March 2003
“Dream room: Decorating a child’s bedroom” February 2003
“Streetproof your kids for the Web” February 2003
“Hold a yard sale without the yard” January 2003
“Achieve your health and fitness resolutions” January 2003
“Make your own medical journal” December 2002
“Turn a small space into a home office” December 2002
“How to buy a family computer” December 2002

“Top 10 baby names for boys in Canada” September 2013
“Top 10 baby names for girls in Canada” August 2013
“Could my child have ADHD?” June 2012
“Quiz: Are you a good partner?” January 2007
“10 one-day getaways” December 2006
“Techno savvy mama” September 2006
“Creating a prenatal partnership” June 2006
“Bathing suit shopping tutorial” May 2006
“Get your glow on” May 2006
“10 simple ways to put the romance back into your relationship” February 2006
“Cottage courtesy” July 2005
“Beat the heat tips for expecting moms” June 2005
“Beach beauty” August 2004

“Best baby gear” May 2011
“Top Father’s Day gifts” June 2011
“10 books to keep up kids’ reading skills” July 2011

Yahoo! Canada
“Research and plan your family camping trip” July 2008

“Top relationship resolutions” January 2006
“Want to lose weight? Eat chocolate” January 2006
“How to ace a first date” December 2005
“Quiz: How romantic are you?” December 2005
“Nine ways to survive the holidays when you’re flying solo” November 2005

Elle Canada
“Fashion trip” September 2003
As a contributor, I wrote a biweekly column about health news from May 2001 to March 2003. As an editor, I wrote weekly fashion and beauty articles from November 2001 to October 2002. Other articles include:
“How to buy snowshoes” February 2002
“Warm up with winter romance” December 2001

Parents magazine
“Cool photo crafts” November 2007
“Icky yucky baby stains” October 2001
“Raising baby around the world” April 2001

Baby Years magazine
“Spacing babies: What’s best for you? What’s best for your family?” May 2001
“Introducing solids: Preparing, storing and feeding healthy first foods” May 2001

“Jewish wedding customs” September 2001

Self magazine
“Aphrodisiacs are healthy” February 2000

“This Day in Canadian Business History” August 2008-August 2009

Yahoo! Canada Finance
“The Lifelong Learning Plan” January 2006
“Top 10 tips to paying down credit card debt” January 2006
“Buying a cottage” June 2002
“Clean your computer” February 2002
“Holly, jolly and debt-free” December 2001
“Saving for a big investment” December 2001
“Are you addicted to work?” October 2001
“Marriage contracts – not just sealed with a kiss” October 2001
“Do you need travel insurance?” July 2001
“How much is enough?” July 2001
“Anger management” May 2001
While editor of, I wrote weekly finance articles. Freelance articles for the site include:
“Computers: Should you lease or buy?”  November, 12, 2000
“A step-by-step guide to writing a business plan” October 31, 2000