WorkLivePlayCafe logo was a passion project developed and maintained by me and Jessica Padykula. The women’s lifestyle technology site ran from August 2010 to August 2012. We stopped the project when we felt we could no longer dedicate the time it deserved.

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A selection of my articles, by subject matter:


SnApp Shots
I’ve Got Your Number
Your Playlist Can Change Your Life
The Future of Us
365 Manners Kids Should Know
Jet-set on a Global Online Adventure
The Repurposed Library
The Unplugged Play Book

Computer crafts

Personalized teacher’s gift
Last-minute homemade Halloween costumes
Have a hoot this Halloween!
Make a match
5 DIY wedding projects
Stuffed with fun
Easter boxes
Setting the holiday scene
Hacked Christmas crafts

Health and fitness

Run, baby, run: time to get physical
Run for it: goods and guides to get you moving
London calling: 2012 Olympic Summer Games
How to remember everything
6 get-fit gadgets for kids
Hard habit to break
Planning tips and tools for a stress-free Christmas
Posture perfect

Family and parenting

All the news that’s fit for kids
Oh baby: technology for the wee set
Discover your family tree online
Good golly, they’re jolly
Hot holiday tech toys for kids
Enjoy a digital family game night
How to research a family vacation online
Help, it’s winter break!
Surf to ski
Cyber-bullying: A growing concern for Canadians

Audio, photo and video

Transfer old media to DVD
Best (mostly) free photo-editing software
Top 5 photo-editing tips
How to take great photos of your kids
How  to edit and share digital video
Summer photo op
Navigating the stream of on-demand music
How to create a ringtone in iTunes
Top 6 music apps for your smartphone
How to upload music onto an MP3 player

Arts and entertainment

David Hockney: art meets app
Top 10 art museums online
Life before e-commerce
Top 6 fashion blogs
Text and the city
Books to go
eBooks for all
$#*! My Dad Says: Twitter phenon hits primetime
Summer send-off: plan the ultimate patio party


Five faves for Father’s Day
Great gadgets for Mother’s Day 2012
One of a Kind Show: Top 10 geek chic goods
Which camera is right for you?
How to buy a 3D TV
Good to go: 6 picks for the techy traveller
Colourful gadgets for grey days
Top 10 tech toys for the holidays
Hanukkah helpers
Top 6 gardening gadgets
How to work more efficiently from home
How to recycle used technology