Re-creating crayons

Kids love their crayons — until they break.Crayola Crayon Maker -- what to do with old crayons

As a parent, I pick up those broken pieces and place them back in the box or bag with the unbroken pieces waiting for that day my children realize those bits are just as good as before they split in two. It will never happen unless they’re desperate, but I can hope.

Now, there’s a better way. I just came across the fab Crayola Crayon Maker. Add the bits into the machine (kaleidoscope of colors welcome), melt them down, pour them into a mold and let them harden. Voila! New funky crayons.

I have a feeling kids will be breaking their crayons on purpose from now on. For ages 8+. Available at Toys R Us, $33.

2 thoughts on “Re-creating crayons

  1. ooooo… thanks for this! I may have to repost! I’m surprised it’s for kids over 8 though b/c my toddlers do a lot of crayon-breaking! And sometimes they do it on purpose! If you see a product for rubber crayons let me know – I’ll have to Google that!

    1. It’s great isn’t it? It says for kids over 8 because the machine is like a little oven to melt the crayons down. But I think with a parent around, it should be fine. I agree, it is the little ones who do most of the crayon-breaking!

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