Animal magnetism

 A roundup of our favourite animal-themed books.


The Big Time

A giant squid compares his size to other sea creatures, but overlooks a one enormous thing. A fun and funny read.

I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean!, by Kevin Sherry, $9


Touch and Tell

Dwell Studio graphics are enough reason to pick up any of its books, but the added texture and lilting rhymes make the Touch & Feel Zoo a must.

Touch & Feel Zoo, by DwellStudio, $10


Pop goes the Book

The layout of the eight-book series is what first caught our eye. Photo and word clues pique a child’s interest and hopefully help him or her guess at what the giant pop-up image on the fold-out page will be. Big, educational fun!

Giant Pop-Out Safari, by Chronicle Books, $12


Bite-Size Beauty

Want to get a sense of just how big an animal is? This clever read takes little ones on a ride of growing proportions as each page shows just how much an animal can eat, from worm to sperm whale, all at life-size.

Just One Bite, by Lola Schaefer and Geoff Waring, $18


Name that Beast

To call this a lift-the-flap book doesn’t do it justice. Each page is filled with multiple flaps bearing either shadows, tracks, antlers, tails or coats, just enough of a clue for older toddlers to guess the hidden animal. When the flap is open, not only is the animal revealed, but an interesting fact as well. We’re in awe.

Out of Sight, by Pittau & Gervais, $20


First published on MySweetBaby January 2011.

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