Colourful gadgets for grey days

10 bright gadgets to warm you up on a dreary winter day.

10 gadgets in spring hues

By Heather Camlot

We’re tired of the grey skies, the dirty snow, the dreary weather. We want spring and we want it now!

We may not be able to make the seasons change, but we can brighten up our homes and gadgets so it at least feels like sunny days are on their way.

Sony Vaio

The little black dress may be all the range in the fashion world, but why settle for a black laptop? We love  the Sony Vaio in purple violet, but if that’s not to your taste, it’s also available in hibiscus pink, iridescent blue, Caribbean green (ooh!) and coconut white (yum!). And of course two shades of black. Starting at $879

French Bull Multidot Laptop Sleeve

By their very nature, polka dots are fun. Now make them multicolour and bam, you’ve got enough reason to move the office to a café just to show off your laptop sleeve and bring a smile to passersby. $30

Swarovski USB Memory Key

Spring means the birds make their grand return, but this little cutie’s early arrival is fine with us. The 4 GB USB key sparkles with crystals as only a Swarovski creation can, and also doubles as a pendant or bag charm. Sweet. $105

Flip Ultra Camcorder

The Flip is not only grabbing headlines for its ease of use and convenience, now it has looks going for it, too. Bright white and canary yellow are a welcoming sight for our tired computer eyes.  $170

Fujifilm FinePix Waterproof Digital Camera

The bright green casing, the waterproof body – we can’t help but dream of a deep-sea dive in warm Caribbean waters. $150

iPod Nano

The iPod Nano comes in a multitude of colours, but we’re partial to the red – not because it’s associated with passion or roses, though those are nice, but because proceeds from every purchase go to the Global Fund, which fights AIDS in Africa. That warms our soul. Starting at $159

FunkyFonic Headphones

The bright pink and lime green recall those preppy high-school days of the 1980s. Shudder. At least these headphones look good. $31

Tivoli Audio iPal

What can we say? Yellow just makes us happy. As does having a killer portable speaker for our iPod. $250

Blackberry Curve 8520

We covet our black BlackBerry, honest we do. But the lavender is just so darn pretty. When does our contract expire so we can trade up? $10, with three-year plan

My Little Garden iPhone 3 Case

Our pal Christine Tatilon, who created the WorkLivePlayCafe logo, is so talented…and her designer iPhone case proves it yet again. Her stylized green, blue and purple flowers make us long for a warm-weather walk in the park. We’re waiting…patiently.

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