Top 6 fashion blogs

From their no-holds-barred commentary to drool-worthy photos, these sites offer the low-down on fashion dos, don’ts and dare-to-dreams.

Fashion Blog Home Page

By Heather Camlot

Still buzzing about the Oscars last night? Us too. The awards were predictable, as usual, but that’s okay because the real reason we watch any awards show is for the fashion dos and don’ts. Oh come on, you know you do, too.  In honour of the Academy Awards and all red-carpet moments, we put together our favourite fashion sites and blogs so you can get your fix of the nice and the nasty.

Go Fug Yourself

If you’re looking for no-holds-barred commentary about what celebrities are wearing and confirmation of your suspicion that a dress was god-awful, this is the place to go. What else can we say? Thanks for telling it like it is, gals.

Red Carpet Fashion Awards

While Go Fug Yourself profits on the worst outfits, Red Carpet Fashion Awards spotlights the best. With everyone looking so lovely, we’re left longing — but not for long. Under the “Shop Her Closet” heading you may just score a direct shopping link to a celeb’s envious dress or clutch. Yes!

The home of Vogue and W magazines, is the place for in-the-know fashion news, top trends, runway reports, designer profiles, and gorgeous photos and videos. For Oscar and red-carpet commentary, look under People + Parties.

While the site has all the requisite drool-worthy celeb photos at various functions, what we love best is the magazine-style inspiration, with tips on how to get a star’s look, where to buy the clothes and accessories, and – when we’re really in a quandary – the Ask A Stylist feature. It also has a new beauty section, for adding that final touch with flair.

Garance Doré and The Sartorialist
We put these two fashion blogs together because a) they both document everyday people on the street and b) the people who run them, namely Garance Doré and Scott Schuman, are a couple. The message of both sites is simple: you don’t have to be a celebrity to dress like one. Their gorgeous candid photos say there’s hope for us yet.


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