Top 5 “one of a kind” picks for the crafty gal

The One of a Kind Christmas Show & Sale starts Thursday. Do you know what you’ll be treating yourself to? Start with these:

One of a Kind Christmas Show & Sale Picks for Women

  • Shirley Underpants. When was the last time your underwear made you smile? These cheery colours will certainly perk up a grey winter day. The price may seem high but they’re fantastic: they last forever, they stay put, and they look good on every shape. The Candi Factory, $20.
  • The Gills Hat. Love the three-brim design, the bright red colour, the shape that covers the ears and the overall elegance. Wildhagen, price unknown.
  • Contemporary Quilt Pillow Cases.  Striking colour combinations of new and used fabric in a patchwork style. Precious. Studio K, $34 each.
  • Chatterbox Pocket Book. When I first came across these purses, I was smitten. The artist takes apart old books and reuses the covers to create the most delightful accessories. Talk about judging a book (and its carrier) by its cover. Noelle Hamlyn, $110.
  • Water Collection. Isabel Desy has a knack for combining colourful semi-precious stones, glass beads and pieces of pewter. I’m always in awe of her latest collections.  Stella Bijoux, price unknown.

If you’re looking for a unique gift alternative for your gadget-loving guru, take a look at this OOAKS guide written for For the children on your holiday list, see my Top 5 “one of a kind” picks for crafty kids. The show runs November 24 to December 4 at the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place.

Enjoy the show!

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