More Goodies from the One of a Kind Show & Sale

The show, as always, is spectacular. Here are some of my on-site finds:

Lucille Pleated Apron
Lucille pleated aprons from Crumb Designs
This Little Piggy Flower Taps
Tap flowers from This Little Piggy
Mary Karavos
"Nature's Delight." Japanese and Thai paper on canvas, by Mary Karavos
Mined ReCreations
Reclaimed Midgey Petite handbag from Mined ReCreations
Barber's Daughters Watches
Sterling and stainless steel watches from Barber's Daughter

Top 5 “one of a kind” picks for the crafty gal

The One of a Kind Christmas Show & Sale starts Thursday. Do you know what you’ll be treating yourself to? Start with these:

One of a Kind Christmas Show & Sale Picks for Women

  • Shirley Underpants. When was the last time your underwear made you smile? These cheery colours will certainly perk up a grey winter day. The price may seem high but they’re fantastic: they last forever, they stay put, and they look good on every shape. The Candi Factory, $20.
  • The Gills Hat. Love the three-brim design, the bright red colour, the shape that covers the ears and the overall elegance. Wildhagen, price unknown.
  • Contemporary Quilt Pillow Cases.  Striking colour combinations of new and used fabric in a patchwork style. Precious. Studio K, $34 each.
  • Chatterbox Pocket Book. When I first came across these purses, I was smitten. The artist takes apart old books and reuses the covers to create the most delightful accessories. Talk about judging a book (and its carrier) by its cover. Noelle Hamlyn, $110.
  • Water Collection. Isabel Desy has a knack for combining colourful semi-precious stones, glass beads and pieces of pewter. I’m always in awe of her latest collections.  Stella Bijoux, price unknown.

If you’re looking for a unique gift alternative for your gadget-loving guru, take a look at this OOAKS guide written for For the children on your holiday list, see my Top 5 “one of a kind” picks for crafty kids. The show runs November 24 to December 4 at the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place.

Enjoy the show!

Top 5 “One of a Kind” picks for crafty kids

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…the One of a Kind Christmas Show & Sale starts this week and I can’t wait. If you’ve never attended OOAKS, here’s the lowdown: more than 800 artisans selling their handmade pieces, from home decor and fine art, to fashion and jewellery,  to food and fun.

There is a so much to see (and buy), so if you don’t have hours to browse, here’s my list of top picks for crafty kids.

Top Kids Picks from the 2011 One of a Kind Christmas Show & Sale

  • Silk Baby Shoes. These adorable first shoes are made from Kimono fabric and come in a multitude of vibrant colours and beautiful patterns. A wonderful baby shower gift. Ubuchitta Japan, $45.
  • Birds on a Wire Pillow. I was originally going to write about Heidi van Veen’s lovely stockings (a thoughtful first Christmas gift), but then I saw this pillow and it took my breath away. Heidi van Veen, price unknown.
  • Bunny Mittens. Cate & Levi have soared in popularity at OOAKS, and while that could be because of an appearance on Martha Stewart or photos of Elton John singing along with one of the company’s hand puppets, I also think it’s because they came up with a good idea. That idea: making stuffed animals out of reclaimed wool. Now they top that idea with stuffed animal-like mittens, made again of reclaimed wool and lined with soft eco fleece. What kid wouldn’t want to keep these on? Cate & Levi, $40.
  • Child’s Combination Chair. My friend turned me onto this chair last year when she, not having bought it when she attended the show, asked me to pick it up during my visit. It’s easy to see why: the chair grows with the child, starting off as a stable chair, changing into a rocker and then ending as a step stool. The unfinished wood means you get the opportunity to make it your own. Thorpe Toys, price unknown.
  • Car Bingo Game. If you’ll be travelling for the holidays and hope to avoid the dreaded “Are we there yet” from the back seat, these cotton bingo boards may just do the trick. Lined with metal, each board features 25 colourful images – from police car to baby carriage – and a bag of magnets to keep little ones entertained. For a bit, anyway. Pi’lo, $28.

If you’re looking for a unique gift alternative for your gadget-loving guru, take a look at this OOAKS guide written for show runs November 24 to December 4 at the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place.

Tomorrow, my top OOAKS spots to shop for yourself – you know you deserve it.

Geek Chic

Do check out my post for the site WorkLivePlayCafe about the best tech offerings at the upcoming One of a Kind Christmas Show & Sale. I love everything about this artisan show and will highlight some more crafty and kid-friendly items in the next few days. But if you’re  already itching to know what will be available, this article is a good start!